Quotes from 12 Angry Kids

Jimmy: "An eleven-year-old girl can't sexual harrass anybody."
Mrs. Cahill: "Why not?"
Jimmy: "For the same reason a guy with no legs can't tap-dance."

Bonnie: "Anything for you, sir?"
Gene: "Another beer. What?"
Bonnie: "It's customary to tip, sir."
Gene: "Okay, here's a tip. Don't play Blackjack with your grandmother."
Bonnie: "Yeah, an idiot knows that, SIR."

Jimmy: "What's on trial here today is political correctness. Now, political correctness is the idea that assumes that the worst thing we can do is offend somebody. Well, a lot of people were offended when Galileo suggested that the earth was revolving around the sun. A lot of people were offended by Picasso because in his portraits the eyes weren't where they were supposed to be. A lot of people wer offended by Rosa Parks when she wouldn't sit in the back of an Alabama bus just because of the color of her skin. You see, everybody's offended by something. A joke, a TV show, a song, an idea... somebody's going to be offended by something. And offending is very different from hurting. Was Timmy Little offended by my daughter's kiss? Maybe. Was he hurt by it? No. Political correctness tries to protect us from ourselves, but what do we have to give up for it? We give up our sense of humor, our sense of romance, our sense of play. We give up the courage to be different, to think different."

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