Season 1, Episode 9: Park Rage

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Rating: 7.4

This was originally supposed to be the 10th episode of the first season, although it was aired as the 9th.


Written by Jim Vallely, Directed by Gil Junger

Special guest star Fred Willard as Larry Little

Special guest star Mo Gaffney as Mayvis Little

Co-starring Joe Gieb as little guy, Brandon Michael Depaul as Timmy Little


"I used to put sugar in the mayonnaise and tell him it was pudding." -Mitzi

"Hey, mom?" -Wendy
"What?" -Donna
"You rock." -Wendy
"I know." -Donna

"My son, Jimmy, isn't afraid of anyone or anything." -Mitzi
"That's not entirely true. I'm very scared of that woman and her little can of agony." -Jimmy

"I'm in the best shape I've ever been. I've got four Tae Bo tapes in there." -Jimmy
"Aren't they unopened on the floor of the closet?" -Donna
"Yeah, but I step over them every morning. That's a good workout." -Jimmy

"You know, word on the street is your mother is kind of rude and cranky." -Larry
"Oh, you know her?" -Jimmy
"No, that was the insult." -Larry

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