Season 1, Episode 8: Getting Lucky

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This was originally supposed to be the 9th episode of the first season, although it was aired as the 8th.


Written by Chris Thompson, Directed by Mark Cendrowski

Special guest star George Hamilton as Don Rio Sepulveda


"Liquor and lotto tickets. That's a good title for your autobiography." -Jimmy to Mitzi

"Isn't it obvious, dad? Grandma's gettin' busy." -Bonnie

"Hey, hey, hey, Sipowicz, back off!" -Donna

"Your mother is... is like a river. Sometimes she is wild, sometimes she is calm, and sometimes the salmon swim up her to spawn." -Don Rio

"Don Rio, what do you want?" -Jimmy
"What do I want. Well, that is a very difficult question. I want peace in the Balkans." -Don Rio
"We all want that." -Gene
"Thank you, Gene. And I want that, uh, TV show, 'Veronica's Closet,' to be cancelled. Who watches that?" -Don Rio
"It stinks." -Gene
"And I want Blockbuster to put in an adult video section." -Don Rio
"Oooh, wouldn't that be sweet!" -Gene

"I've got a picture in my head of my mother in a bathtub being loofahed by a Spaniard. It's gonna take a couple of days to get it out of there. Wake me up if you hear screaming." -Jimmy

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