Season 1, Episode 5: Jimmy's Song

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This was actually supposed to be the 7th episode of the first season even though it was aired as the 5th.


Written by Jim Vallely, Directed by Gil Junger

Special guest star Jasmine Guy as Allegra

Guest starring Casey Sander as Ron Dale


"Well, there's gonna be a fight tonight. It won't be the thrillah in Manila, but you're gonna get some bitchin' in the kitchen." -Donna

"It's my workshop, and I'll cry if I want to..." -Jimmy

"Jimmy, please, it's just you and me here. What's the point of acting like a good mother?" -Mitzi

"You're flyin' too close to the sun, man!" -Gene

"No, no, no, if men learn how to cry, what secret will they figure out next?" -Allegra

"Jimmy, listen to me. I remember you cried the day we got married. And I remember you cried the day your children were born. And I remember you cried the day that you lost your father. And I remember you cried when Wendy broke her leg. And these are some of the most powerful memories I have of you because I knew how real they were. And when you cried, it touched me. Do you really want to mess with that?" -Donna

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