Season 1, Episode 3: Regarding Eric

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This was actually the 4th episode of the first season, even though it was aired as the third.


Written by Ira Ungerleider, Directed by Rob Schiller


"What's second base?" -Wendy
"It's when a guy..." -Mitzi
"Ma!" -Jimmy
"Well if you'd let me finish! I was saying, in my day, second base was when a guy bought you a cherry coke and you looked at ligtening bugs on the front porch swing." -Mitzi
"Thank you. " -Jimmy
"With your blouse off." -Mitzi
"Thank you, mother, for that Norman Rockwell moment." -Jimmy

"The point is, you wouldn't let a guy walk all over you, would you? Why would you let Bonnie?" -Jimmy
"Because she lets him suck on her tongue." -Gene
"That's my daughter!" -Jimmy

"This is a good boy, and he's a huge improvement over Bonnie's past boyfriends." -Claire
"Well, I liked the last guy. You know, Randy, remember him? The actor." -Jimmy
"He wasn't an actor, Jimmy, he was arrested on an episode of 'Cops.'" -Claire

"Hey, Daddy, it's getting weird again." -Bonnie

"What was all that noise in there?" -Mitzi
"Noise? I was drying a pair of sneakers in the dryer." -Donna
"Okey dokey. Which one was the sneaker screaming, 'Give it to me, Cowboy!'" -Mitzi

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