Season 1, Episode 2: Boys Can't Help It

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Written by Chris Thompson, Directed by Lee Shallat Chemel

Executive producer Chris Thompson

Executive producer Peter Noah, Supervising producer Bob Heath, Producer Alfred Molina, Producer Joan Hyler, Consulting producer Janis Hirsch, Consulting producer Teresa O'Neill, Consulting producer David Raether, Consulting producer Ira Ungerleider, Consulting producer Jim Vallely

Special guest star Jasmine Guy as Allegra

Co-starring Gus Buktenica as doctor


"Well, he has your pretty pink nose." -Mitzi
"Actually, Mitzi, that's my nipple." -Donna
"Well, I'll just get my finger off it then." -Mitzi
"Thank you, ma, for a whole new set of nightmares." -Jimmy

"You can't seriously name a child Tiger Iggy. It sounds like an Asian porn star." -Donna

"Oh, you say two words to me but you tell her all that?" -Jimmy
"She's my mother, we laugh at you. It's how we bond." -Bonnie

"You stank it up that bad, huh?" -Mitzi
"Thanks, ma. You know, it's support like that that made Little League a living hell." -Jimmy
"Your father and I laughed at you, it's how we bonded." "I wanted to name my boy Ace, but my ex insisted we call him Renee." -Gene
"How is Renee?" -Donna
"Oh, good. This year at the gay pride parade, his float won most campy." -Gene

"Ma, what are you doing with a girlie magazine?" -Jimmy
"Reminiscing." -Mitzi

"You sent my mother out to get me a nudie magazine?" -Jimmy
"God, I wish I lived here." -Gene

"I remember thinking how great it would be to bag Wilma Flintstone." -Jimmy

"Donna, you're my sexual ideal. I've never found another woman more desirable and I never will." -Jimmy

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