Season 1, Episode 15: Breaking Up Really Isn't So Hard To Do

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This was originally supposed to be the 5th episode of the season, but was aired as the 15th. (Park Overall is still in the credits.)


Written by Janis Hirsch, Directed by Gail Mancuso

Special guest star Dixie Carter as Peaches

Guest starring Lane Davies as Stan, Matt McCoy as Ben

Co-starring Sharon Mahoney as Sarah


"Hey, check this out, anti-fungal cream." -Jimmy
"Oh, do you feel a fungus coming on?" -Donna
"Baby, it's a moist world." -Jimmy

"You know, 'til he was four, Jimmy was totally covered with hair." -Mitzi
"Ma!" -Jimmy
"Strangers would come up and pet him." -Mitzi

"Jimmy still paying you child support?" -Gene
"Yes." -Claire
"For a child that lives with him?" -Gene
"Sweet, isn't it?" -Claire

"Hey, did you hear about Ben and Sarah?" -Claire
"Yeah, I did." -Jimmy
"Poor Ben, huh? Do you have his address? I wanted to send him something." -Claire
"Like what?" -Jimmy
"Me and a bottle of tequila." -Claire

"Whenever there's a divorce all you can think about is there but for the grace of God..." -Donna
"We have the grace of God." -Jimmy

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