#1 Pilot
#2 Boys Can't Help It
#3 Regarding Eric
#4 The Home Office
#5 Jimmy's Song
#6 Country Clubbed
#7 Neutered Jimmy
#8 Getting Lucky
#9 Park Rage
#10 Thanks for Nothing
#11 Money, Honey
#12 Aloha Christmas
#13 Gene's Date
#14 12 Angry Kids
#15 Breaking Up Really Isn't So Hard To Do
#16 Jimmy Dot Com
#17 Travels with My Aunt
#18 After You've Gone
#19 Decent Proposal
#20 Aren't We Nice
#21 Bad Muthas
#22 Romance

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#1 Pilot: Aired Monday, September 20, 1999

Jimmy is accused of hating women when he hopes that the baby Donna is carrying will be a boy. Claire can't handle Bonnie anymore, so Bonnie moves in with Jimmy, Donna and Wendy.

#2 Boys Can't Help It: Aired Monday, September 27, 1999

After the birth of Jimmy's first much-awaited son, he is busted accidentally leafing through a Playboy by Donna. He knows it wasn't cool, so he tries to make it up to her by buying her a treadmill, which only makes her feel more unnattractive. At the same time, Jimmy and Donna are fighting over the baby's name. Jimmy wants to give him a strong name like Tiger, and Donna wants to name him after her father, Chester. After asking his agent, Allegra, for advice, Jimmy realizes why the treadmill was a mistake, and reassures his wife how attractive she is to him. He also names his son Chester, although Donna agrees to Tiger as a middle name.

#3 Regarding Eric: Aired Monday, October 4, 1999

Bonnie's new boyfriend, Eric, is the heir to the best country club in town, and lets Jimmy and Gene play golf there with the greats. Jimmy wants to play tomorrow, too, but Eric can't because Bonnie won't let him. Jimmy gives Eric bad advice about standing up for himself, and not only ruins Bonnie's relationship, but blows his own chance at having sex with Donna for the first time since the birth of his son. Bonnie gets back together with Eric, but forbids Jimmy and Eric to hang out. Donna and Jimmy end up in a contest of wills, both witholding sex from the other, until neither of them can stand it anymore and they attack each other in the laundry room.

#4 The Home Office: Aired Monday, October 11, 1999

Jimmy can't get any work done because is interrupted by his family all day, so he makes a new no-interruptions rule. Then he misses a great family trip, and Gene tells him how jealous he actually is of Jimmy because he gets to work at home and be around for his family. Jimmy is reminded of how good it is to work around the family when he is there for Wendy when her new pet dies.

#5 Jimmy's Song: Aired Monday, October 18, 1999

Jimmy discovers that by crying, he can manipulate the women in his life. He uses an old picture of his faithful dog that was hit by lightning to start the waterworks. Despite warnings from Gene, he abuses the power, crying for everything from sex to a sandwich. The women finally figure out what's going on, and use their power of crying to get Gene to confirm their suspicions. Instead of just confronting Jimmy, however, they ambush him while his workshop is being featured on a local television show. Every time he goes to show the host a new piece of furniture he's working on, there is another picture of his Golden Retriever. He can't hold it together, and by the end of the show he's bawling and the host of the show thinks he might have inhaled a few too many fumes while working. Donna explains to him that some of her greatest memories with Jimmy were moving moments when he cried, and that she didn't want him to ruin those for her.

#6 Country Clubbed: Aired Monday, October 25, 1999

Jimmy comes into some money due to an insurance settlement from when he got hit by an ice-cream truck. He decides to use it to join the local country club. He loves the country club, the nice golf course, the dark paneled bar where no one tells him to get out when he smokes a smelly cigar. His family even loves the country club, although they're originally against him joining it. But when they realize that women are not allowed to eat in the main dining room, the whole family decides that the country club is not for them.

#7 Neutered Jimmy: Aired Monday, November 1, 1999

Jimmy thinks he's losing his sex appeal with Donna when she's no longer jealous when he flirts with Wendy's pretty new swim teacher. He goes on a mission to make Donna jealous, and ends up meeting a woman in a bar who invites him back to her hotel room. He is not for a moment tempted, but the encounter does raise his confidence. Unfortunately, by this point his mission to make Donna jealous has succeeded, and she's pissed at him while he's ecstatic because some strang woman found him sexy. Peaches and Mitzi are reaching their most competitive edge as they both try to be the first to make new baby Chester smile.

#8 Getting Lucky: Aired Monday, November 8, 1999

Jimmy thinks his mother is being conned by a debonair stranger after she wins the lottery. Jimmy wants to get a sports utility vehicle instead of a mini-van.

#9 Park Rage: Aired Monday, November 15, 1999

Wendy comes home crying when a bully steals her Pokemon cards at the park. Donna goes back to the park with Wendy to get them back, and tries to reason with the bully. She gets shot in the face with a squirt gun for her trouble, so she loses her temper, grabs the little kid, and takes the Pokemon cards. Later that day, the bully and his bully mom show up at the Stiles household, and arrange for a fight between the two fathers the next afternoon at the park. Jimmy has never been in a fight before, so he gears up for it, but when he meets the bully's father, they get along. They decide to mark each other up a little so that they look like they were in a fight, but end up gettin in a fight over the marking up. In the end, it turns out that the bully didn't steal Wendy's Pokemon cards after all.

#10 Thanks for Nothing: Aired Monday, November 22, 1999

Donna's passive-aggressive sister Delilah makes a surprise appearance for Thanksgiving, and pre-empts Donna's dinner preparations by announcing that she'll be cooking Thanksgiving dinner at their mother's house. Donna is upset, but can't stand up to her sister, and so when saying grace at dinner she lashes out. Just then, the family notices that the kitchen is on fire. Peaches's house burns down due to Delilah's flammable flan. Mitzi reaches out to help Peaches, and Donna finally confronts her mother with her feelings that Delilah was her favorite daughter.

#11 Money, Honey: Aired Monday, November 29, 1999

Jimmy freaks out after figuring out the family finances, and decides to put the family on a new tight budget. Although they initially complain, finally the ladies in his life decide that they're with him, and Mitzi even gets a job at a barbecue restaurant. When someone at the country club says that he wants to sell his brand new $2,000 clubs for only $500, Jimmy can't resist, and Gene doesn't help by reminding Jimmy who it is who makes the money in the Stiles household. Of course, Jimmy feels incredibly guilty later, and after confessing his non-budget purchase to Donna, he sells the clubs and actually makes a profit.

#12 Aloha Christmas: Aired Monday, December 13, 1999

Jimmy desperately wants to get something special for all the women in his life for Christmas. When a guy at his country club has to give up tickets to Hawaii because his kids get the chicken pox, Jimmy takes the tickets off his hands. The Stiles family is not initially psyched, but with some encouragement from Donna, everyone happily heads for the airport. Jimmy, while showing off his new golf club, accidentally knocks the pilot of the plane unconscious, and everyone is stuck in the airport overnight on Christmas eve waiting for a replacement pilot. Donna does a wonderful job of making Christmas at the airport, with presents, a tree, and even a turkey that she brought along in her carry-on bag. When the new pilot does finally arrive, Jimmy gives the family's tickets to another man and his family who are trying to make a family reunion before the man's parents pass away and never get to meet their grandchildren.

#13 Gene's Date: Aired Monday, January 10, 2000

Donna feels she has to compete with Gene's new girlfriend by being as wild and free as she used to be.

#14 12 Angry Kids: Aired Monday, January 17, 2000

In a fabulous spoof on "Law & Order," Jimmy stands before a student court to defend Wendy on charges of sexual harassment for kissing a boy. Mitzi can't stop winning at blackjack.

#15 Breaking Up Really Isn't So Hard To Do: Aired Monday, January 31, 2000

Donna and Jimmy's pediatrician and friend, Ben Carlson, and his wife are heading for divorce. Jimmy and Donna take sides and the battle begins, but they are left at odds when the couple reconciles. Donna realizes that she was taking the divorce personally, and that it was making her irrationally fear for her own marriage. Peaches exposes Wendy to make-up for the first time and Donna is not happy about it. Gene finds himself having a stroke of good luck at the car lot by selling Jaguars by the droves to bitter, soon-to-be ex-wives of really rich men. Peaches opens up her house to host an Alcoholics Anonymous fundraiser.

#16 Jimmy Dot Com: Aired Monday, February 7, 2000

Jimmy takes a job with an internet furniture company and promises riches to his family. When he quickly becomes miserable at his new job, he is loathe to quit because all his ladies are figuring out how to spend all the money. Gene is acting like a father around the house, and while Jimmy is initially grateful for the help, he ends up snapping at his best friend mainly because he's jealous that Gene gets to spend time with Jimmy's family when Jimmy himself doesn't. Finally, Gene lets it slip to Donna that Jimmy is miserable, and Donna goes to his office to bring him home, assuring him that they'd rather have him around than his paycheck.

#17 Travels with My Aunt: Aired Monday, February 14, 2000

When Bonnie's parents won't let her go to Cancun for spring break, Mitzi suggests they take a trip together instead... to the Yarn Museum. Mitzi's flamboyant sister Lou comes to town and brings back Jimmy's great memories of spending two weeks every summer with her in New York. When Lou suggests taking Bonnie to New York, Bonnie readily accepts, even though Mitzi reminds her they already had plans. Mitzi, with the help of a trans-gendered support group meeting she accidentally attends, finally tells Jimmy and Lou that she has always felt second-best to Lou, and that Jimmy would always rave about Lou and make Mitzi feel badly. Jimmy finally tells his mother how much he values her and some of his great childhood memories of her. Lou takes Bonnie AND Mitzi to New York for spring break.

#18 After You've Gone: Aired Monday, February 21, 2000

After Jimmy sees his neighbor, Kathy, more or less celebrating the death of her husband by selling off his things, buying jewelry with his life insurance money, getting tons of plastic surgery, and finding herself an Italian lover, Jimmy has a nightmare that Donna and his family completely forget about him after his death. He starts making video tapes of himself for his family to view after he's gone, until Donna assures him that no one will forget him, and he should spend his time WITH his family instead of making tapes for later.

#19 Decent Proposal: Aired Monday, April 17, 2000

Donna and Jimmy attend a party at Donna's former billionaire boyfriend's house. The boyfriend, Jay, recounts how he was going to propose to Donna, but missed the chance when Jimmy got there first. The next day, Jay comes by and tells Jimmy that he'll give him $10 million for Donna. Jimmy doesn't even consider it, but tells Gene the story, and Gene and the other guys tell Jimmy that he doesn't deserve Donna anyway. The next day, Jay uses a snow machine to recreate his original proposal setting, and proposes to Donna. Jimmy is horrified, but Donna assures him that she married the right man, and turns down Jay who is humiliated to lose her to Jimmy twice. Bonnie is preparing to take the driving test for the first time, while Mitzi is preparing to re-take it. Bonnie's got driving down, and is helping Mitzi study up. Bonnie is amazed that her grandmother is still driving, since she can't see and refuses to follow any of the rules, however Bonnie fails the test when she gets a crotchety old driving tester. Mitzi gets the same tester and passes with flying colors... and gets a date out of the deal.

#20 Aren't We Nice: Aired Monday, May 1, 2000

Donna and Jimmy welcome their nice new neighbors with a gift basket, but when the Hendersons come over to thank the Stileses with a much bigger basket filled with very expensive gifts, Donna decides her new neighbors are trying to out-nice her. At church the competition continues, with Shirl constantly thanking Donna aloud and then overshadowing Donna's announcement of a donation of ten canned hams to their canned food drive with a donation of 1000 canned hams. When Harve announces that he can get the Backstreet Boys to perform at the upcoming teen dance, Donna starts to lose it. Jimmy isn't ready to believe that their new neighbors are that insidious until Gene calls in sick for golf, and then Jimmy spots his best friend going golfing with Harve. Finally, at a dinner-party thrown in their honor by the Hendersons, the Stileses give up... just in time to watch the Hendersons have a melt-down over their kleptomania, alcoholism, bulimia, and pyromania.

#21 Bad Muthas: Aired Monday, May 8, 2000

Donna gets frustrated when Mitzi babysits and ignores the schedules and rules once again. Then, when Donna and Jimmy have to go see Wendy's principal when Wendy is busted kissing another girl in her class on Mitzi's advice, Donna tells Jimmy that he has to fire his mother as a babysitter. The family has an awkward Scrabble game which turns into an all-out fight between Donna and Mitzi. It takes Mother's Day for Donna to realize how much Mitzi adds to her children's lives, and they make peace. Gene discovers that taking Chester to the park is a great babe-magnet.

#22 Romance: Aired Monday, May 15, 2000

Wendy has her first date and gets dating tips from Bonnie. Aunt Lou is back in town to work on a television show. The whole Stiles family runs into Mitzi's old love, Don Rio, who is now a waiter at a restaurant while also selling real estate. Lou and Don Rio start dating under the guise of her looking to buy a house, and Mitzi is bitter about her sister stealing yet another one of her boyfriends. Donna wishes Jimmy were more romantic like Don Rio, so for their anniversary Jimmy takes Donna to the restaurant where Don Rio works,and on Don Rio's advice gives him an emerald necklace to sneak into Donna's appetizer. Of course, Don Rio takes off with the necklace, giving it to Mitzi as a gift, and then makes plans with both Mitzi and Lou, telling each of them that they are the only woman in his life. He ends up ditching them both when he meets Bill Gates's mother.

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